About Me

Welcome, and thank you for visiting.
I chose to pursue a career in real estate because I wanted to have the opportunity to build relationships with customers and clients, allowing them time to make sound decisions about their money and their prized property.
I strive to be successful in whatever I do with fair and honest dealings with others. Honesty and integrity are qualities that matter very much to me.
I was born and raised on this market hence I have extensive, direct market knowledge of all downtown areas and its surrounding places. I have cultivated long time friendships and business relationships with different key personalities in this market.
I’m well known for outstanding client relationship, 24/7 availability, employing aggressive and state-of-the art marketing techniques to promote listings. Most valuably, I have the ability and talent to determine client’s needs and wants. And this has come from working nearly 20 years in this industry with various clients and as an Assistant to the 3rd highest grossing agent in South Carolina. My goal and my reward is a satisfied client.
If you are looking to purchase or list, give me an opportunity to show you what my team and company have to offer.